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Blo Barrel Automatic Curler


Create effortlessly even curls with the Blo Barrel Automatic Curler. Simply press the < or > button and the 25mm rotating ceramic barrel with spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise for the easiest way the curl! 


You can also use it as a traditional curling wand by turning the automatic function off and wrap your hair around the barrel manually. With multiple heat settings and a bonus heat protectant glove, its the game-changing curling tools made to create lush, bouncy curls and soft waves every-time. 


Finally, you can curl your hair like a pro!



  • Automatic curling action – the barrel turns clockwise and anticlockwise for perfect, even curls
  • 25mm barrel – for lush waves and curls
  • Sleek design – includes LCD screen to control temperature
  • Temperature control – from 150°C – 210°C
  • Auto-shut off – automatically turns off after one hour
  • Swivel cord – 2.5m cord with 360 rotation allows for easy handling with no cord tangles
  • Styling protective glove – our styling protective glove will help protect hands during use
  • Universal voltage – plug and play anywhere around the world


1. Connect the plug to the power supply. To turn on press the power symbol button which is in the middle of the ’-’ and ‘+’ buttons. The ’-’ and ‘+’ buttons indicate temperature control, with the right button increasing the temperature and left button decreasing the temperature.


2. Choose the temperature according to your hair type. We suggest starting at the lowest temperature and changing as per needed. Fine or damaged hair should stay at a lower temperature and thick or coarse hair will generally need to be at a higher temperature. See temperature guide below.


- Fine or damaged hair 150C - 170C
- Medium or normal hair 170C - 190C

- Thick or coarse hair 190C - 210C


3. Ensure your hair is dry and clean, clamp towards the bottom of the barrel depending on hair length. Press ‘<’ to curl your hair in a left rotating direction and ‘>’ to curl your hair in a right rotating direction. Hold down the ‘<’ or ‘>’ button down to spin the barrel. Be careful to take your finger off the button before you approach your scalp / head area. The barrel will continue to spin if you keep your finger on the button. You can also wrap the hair around the tool without using the rotational buttons like a normal curling wand. Use the 'ON' 'OFF' sliding switch on the side of the handle to turn automatic feature on or off. To release the curl undo the clamp ( do not wind the opposite way ) After finishing each wave/curl press the ‘HOME’ button to reset clamp. ‘HOME’ turns the barrel back to the starting position, then repeat for another wave/curl.


4. Hold for 3-10 seconds depending on how defined you want your curls. Unwrap the hair or release the clamp to remove the hair from the barrel. Repeat the same action on the rest of your hair. Smaller sections create a tighter curl and bigger sections create a looser curl. Brush out for an on-trend look. It is recommended to change the direction of the curl on either side of the head.


5. Wait for hair to cool then brush or comb the curls out for waves. After using, turn the power off and ensure it cools down before safely storing away.




Fine or damaged hair 150C - 170C
Medium or normal hair 170C - 190C

Thick or coarse hair 190C - 210C


  • 25mm Barrel width
  • 38cm total length 
  • 19cm Barrel length ( tip to handle )
  • 19cm Handle length 
  • 5cm With